Zhang Zhou lies in the subtropical southest of Fujian province in China ,to depend on mountain and water ,be endowed by nature ,fertile land , abundant resources, fruit and vegetable fragrant the whole year.Zhang Zhou Ya Tai Food co.,Ltd. Is a combine together. For internal trade and export . It produces all of fruits and vegetables,Canned goods of meat : mushroom, bamboo shoots in water, asparagus , waterchestnuts , litchi, longan, pineapple ,orange ,peach, straw-mushroom,maize-shoot,fragrant-mushroom,golden mushroom, green bean , stewed pork, pork legs with mushrooms, spiced pork cubes and so on , and they are far sold to Beijing , Shanghai, Harbin , East china ,North china , North-east regions etc, and they are welcomed by all kinds of customers and super markets and hotels.

We produce all kinds of freeze fruits and vegetables ; Such as straw-berry, Litchi, pineapple, piece of bamboo, mushroom,asparagus, straw- mushroom, waterchestnut, black agaric,young soya beans,sweet beans, green bean , sweet broad peas, mixture vegetables green cauliflower, carrot,lotus root , sweet potato, fragrant shallot and so on ,they are far sold to American Europe, Japan etc, It uses the unique skill to produce fast-freezen pineapple grains , Litchi grains as well as adopted raw-material for long period by a chain merchant of international foodstuff , meanwhile,it has got high praise and trust by them.

We salinized mushroom.straw-mushroom.fragrant-mushroom far sold to Europe, Japan, Taiwan and southeast Asia.Our company`s dried productions£º pieces-mushroom,rose-plant,black edible fungus,also far sold to south-American,Europe,etc.

We sincerely welcome homeland and overseas` businessmen to cooporate with us , Let`s join hand and advance together , We`ll contribute our fruits for your rosy career.


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